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Winning on Wednesday… an innovative virtual networking opportunity for entrepreneurs all over the globe. At 11 am New York time, anywhere from 60-90 people join our ZOOM and share what their professions are as well as their passions with each other. Our hope is that by mentoring and giving, like minded, caring, generous professionals will learn how to help each other grow their businesses by sharing their contacts as well as their expertise.

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Joe Soricelli

Joseph L. Soricelli “Joe” is a trusted, independent consultant who has successfully helped his clients, friends and family improve their life through better planning for their finances, health care and real estate concerns.

Judi Cogen

Results-oriented Franchise Operations Executive with established track record of innovation and success in strategic planning, optimizing operations, and building strong entrepreneurial teams. Consistently demonstrates commitment to excellence, mutual respect, and continuous improvement.

Patti Scallan

I am Passionate about making a difference! I believe there are two areas where people struggle sometime in their lives, Health and Finances.

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