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The concept of 10-4 powered by WOW represents the structure of our event: 4 sessions, each lasting 10 minutes. It’s a concise, focused, and efficient way to maximize your networking opportunities. Each meeting will begin with a 10-minute presentation from an expert in their field.

There will be 2 breakout sessions of 10 minutes each with the opportunity for participants to choose their rooms. The final 10 minutes will be changed monthly based on participant suggestions. This will help shape the future of YOUR networking experience.

10-4 powered by WOW is a Monthly Free ZOOM networking event.

10-4 Powered By WOW – Amy Geffen, PhD Tips to Get Unstuck in Your Job Search

Check out our recap of the 10-4 Powered By WOW event hosted by Robin Arnold Shatzkin and WOW founder Juan Vides, featuring Amy Geffen, PhD, a career coach with over 30 years of experience! Amy shared valuable insights on staying vigilant about professional development, especially regarding resumes and job searches. Here are her key points to help you get unstuck...

10-4 Powered By WOW – Lisa Chalker – Strategic Role of Life Insurance in Entrepreneurial Planning

Check out our recap of our recent event hosted by Robin Arnold Shatzkin and WOW founder Juan C. Vides. The session featured an enlightening presentation by Lisa Chalker, a certified financial educator at the Heartland Institute of Financial Education.  Key Highlights: Understanding Life Insurance in Business: Lisa unraveled how life insurance plays a pivotal role in various business stages, aiding in...

10-4 Powered By WOW – Elliott Portman presentation on Business Billing & Payments

Join Robin Arnold Shatzkin, our esteemed host, and WOW founder Juan C. Vides , as they bring you a compact and powerful event designed to boost your networking skills in minutes! Structure of the Event:• 4 sessions, each 10 minutes long – Efficient and focused, starting with a keynote from an industry expert. This month, we’re excited to feature Elliott...

10-4 Powered By WOW – Rich Buyer’s presentation on branding

This summary captures the essence of Rich Buyer’s presentation on branding, interspersed with personal anecdotes and humor. Rich Buyer introduces himself as a brand designer, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of branding as encompassing all interactions a company has with the world, from its website to the way it answers the phone. He highlights the importance of Ash Wednesday and Valentine's...

10-4 Powered By WOW – Merrill Loechner’s presentation on Podcast

The "10-4 powered by WOW" is a structured networking event held monthly via Zoom, designed to enhance networking opportunities through a concise and efficient format. It comprises four sessions of 10 minutes each, including expert presentations, breakout sessions for participants to engage in smaller groups, and a flexible segment that adapts monthly based on participant feedback. During one of these...