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KUE Makes Audience  Engagement Simple

Have you ever met an intriguing person and forgotten to get their phone number or other contact details? It’s no secret, it happens more frequently than not, so you’re not alone.

The role of mobile apps in society is enormous. What’s lacking is an app that will allow you to share your contact information.

Introducing KUE , An App For Audience Engagement Created Specifically For You.

With KUE, you can easily share your contact details from your smartphone. Save yourself the hassle of having to write down contact information, lose business cards, or look people up on social media.

With KUE, sharing your unique QR Code is easy. Other KUE users simply scan your code. Remind yourself of your conversation by adding comments. to get started, please read the instructions for installing KUE on your smartphone below.


First, Let’s Download The KUE App.

To download KUE point your camera at the App store or Google Play QR Code.


Setting Up Your KUE Account

Click on the “Create Account button”    

– Complete each field.

Password(8 characters, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number value.)

For organization type: WOW

Check The Terms and Conditions box.

Click NEXT to continue.


Log Into KUE

Enter your email address and password

Upper left corner, click on the SCAN icon.

Place your camera’s focus over the KUE QR Code

Scroll down, click “ Add Connection” button