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Luis Cuneo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mojavie, an ad tech platform for event marketing. Mojavie is based in New York City, NY. Mr. Cuneo’s marketing career spans over 35 years of experience in the technology sector. During his professional career, he has worked at leading technology companies which include IBM, Quantum and Inmac. In addition, he has collaborated on several projects with Disney, Paramount, ATT, Microsoft and Sony Media. In 2017, Mr. Cuneo retired from IBM to pursue his passion for mobile app technology. In March of 2018, he co-founded Mojavie, Inc. the first ad tech platform for event marketing. His vision was to create an in-app publishing platform for event professionals to create more value and track results. In May 2018, Mr. Cuneo and Mr. Woods launched KUE on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. From 1997 to 2017, Mr Cuneo was the Marketing Executive at IBM for Diverse Markets in the U.S.. He positioned IBM as a technology partner with minority owned businesses. Under his leadership, he created the most comprehensive go to market program designed to help US minority businesses adopt IBM technology to grow their business. In 2008, Mr. Cuneo was awarded the Golden Circle Award, for generating over one billion dollars in sales revenue. Mr. Cuneo is an advocate of STEM initiatives. He continues to support organizations by providing access to online resources, including KUE. He has lectured to community leaders and parents on the value of STEM education by using Legos, mobile app games and social media. Mr Cuneo is a regular speaker at Chambers of Commerce, Minority Diversity Business Agency (MDBA) and Startup organizations Mr. Cuneo earned a BS in Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix.

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