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10-4 Powered By WOW – Lisa Chalker – Strategic Role of Life Insurance in Entrepreneurial Planning

Check out our recap of our recent event hosted by Robin Arnold Shatzkin and WOW founder Juan C. Vides.

The session featured an enlightening presentation by Lisa Chalker, a certified financial educator at the Heartland Institute of Financial Education.

???? Key Highlights:

  • Understanding Life Insurance in Business: Lisa unraveled how life insurance plays a pivotal role in various business stages, aiding in sustainability, tax reduction, and circumventing common planning pitfalls.
  • Journey of a Multipreneur: Starting her marketing business in 2003 and financial agency in 2019, Lisa emphasized the vital need for financial literacy among entrepreneurs.
  • Financial Strategies for Stability: From discussing critical person insurance to executive bonus plans and buy-sell agreements, Lisa provided insights into safeguarding businesses against potential risks.

???? Business Structures & Planning: Lisa gave an overview of business structures such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and LLCs, focusing on their tax implications and the necessity of strategic financial planning.

???? Why This Matters: Regardless of business size or structure, every entrepreneur can benefit from strategic financial planning. Understanding how to leverage life insurance and other financial tools is crucial for long-term success and growth.

???? Want to dive deeper or need personalized advice? Contact Lisa Chalker for expert guidance in financial education and planning.

???? (516) 603-9966 ????

 Investment Advisor Representative with TransAmerica

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