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10-4 Powered By WOW – Merrill Loechner’s presentation on Podcast

The “10-4 powered by WOW” is a structured networking event held monthly via Zoom, designed to enhance networking opportunities through a concise and efficient format. It comprises four sessions of 10 minutes each, including expert presentations, breakout sessions for participants to engage in smaller groups, and a flexible segment that adapts monthly based on participant feedback. During one of these events, Merrill Loechner from Smith Douglas Associates delivered a presentation on the advantages of guesting on podcasts to expand one’s reach and connect with new audiences. Loechner emphasized the importance of differentiating one’s message to suit each podcast’s audience, acquiring and utilizing assets like links, embed codes, and transcripts from appearances, and the value of leveraging these appearances in one’s marketing strategy. Key advice included seeking podcasts that align with one’s target audience, the mutual benefits of co-marketing with podcast producers, and various tips for enhancing presentation and sound quality on podcasts. Additionally, the session touched on the potential financial aspect of featuring on podcasts and strategies for enhancing one’s speaking skills, including participation in Toastmasters and the utilization of quality recording equipment. The event highlighted the significance of podcasts in personal branding and content marketing, offering practical tips for maximizing these opportunities. The interactive Q&A session further explored related topics like payment for podcast appearances, improving speaking abilities, and the impact of podcasting on personal and business branding. Overall, “10-4 powered by WOW” serves as a platform for professionals to share insights and strategies on utilizing modern media channels like podcasts to bolster their marketing and networking efforts, emphasizing continuous improvement and strategic content utilization.