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10-4 Powered By WOW – Elliott Portman presentation on Business Billing & Payments

Join Robin Arnold Shatzkin, our esteemed host, and WOW founder Juan C. Vides , as they bring you a compact and powerful event designed to boost your networking skills in minutes!
Structure of the Event:
• 4 sessions, each 10 minutes long – Efficient and focused, starting with a keynote from an industry expert. This month, we’re excited to feature Elliott Portman from Portman Law Group, who will share invaluable insights on enhancing business payment cycles.
• 2 interactive breakout sessions – Choose your room and connect with peers!
• Customizable final 10 minutes – Driven by YOUR feedback, ensuring every session is tailored to what participants need most. What to Expect:
• Learn from Elliot Portman about effective strategies such as securing credit card information upfront, setting clear contract terms, offering early payment incentives, and more to streamline payment processes.
• Participate in discussions and Q&A sessions to delve deeper into topics like copyright issues in digital content and other pressing legal matters.
• Each session offers a chance to engage directly, share expertise, and gain practical tips to apply to your business. ???? Key Takeaways Include:
• Act Fast: Initiate follow-ups right after a 30-day billing period ends.
• Talk Direct: Address accounts payable directly to minimize payment delays.
• Streamline Payments: Ensure clarity in invoicing and use credit card info to facilitate faster payments.
• Adapt & Overcome: Employ flexible payment methods and consider stopping production for overdue payments to maintain financial stability. ???? For more information or legal advice, contact
Elliott M. Portman: