Winning On Wednesday

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Welcome to WOW – What do I do now?

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to discovering a new world of experiential business networking. Weekly Zoom meetings that are free to all members… Access to our membership list… Invitations to in-person meetups and other more formal events in multiple areas. Winning on Wednesday will always be about getting to know each other before doing business.

To help you fast track your understanding about the “WOW Specific Lingo, we’d like to share some important terms and rules. Here goes:

Board of Advisors – Dedicated WOW members who are trusted professionals. We count on their expertise to guide our decisions and initiatives. These Advisors are available to all WOW members.

WOW RulesFound under the About Us heading, this is where you will see the expectations of behavior and decorum during ALL WOW related events. These rules will change and grow as necessary and will also be discussed during meetings.

WOW Members – Anyone who has filled out the Breaking the Ice form, is in our membership directory and regularly participates in the weekly zoom meetings.

Tiers of Membership – Check here for more details

Committees – these are special interest groups made up of volunteer members who would like to be more involved. Some committees currently include: Real Estate, Marketing, Membership and Newsletter. ALL WOW members are invited and encouraged to participate in committees.

Groups – Groups are extra evening meetings for specific categories. Invitations to these groups are NOT available to WOW Basic members. Some groups that currently exists are: Real Estate, Marketing, Legal & Age-Friendly.

Membership Profiles – each Tier of Membership comes with extra perks and benefits for your profile. These profiles will be your responsibility to manage.

WOW Meetups – These are in-person informal events with open networking in different locations. There may be sponsors to cover food and/or drink or there may be an admission fee. These events are open to all members and their invited guests that may become potential members.

WOW Celebrations & EventsThese are in-person or virtual events with a specific agenda – Holiday parties, Sponsored networking events at member locations, family get togethers, trade shows, etc. There may be fees. These events are open to all members and their invited guests that may become members.

WOW MomentsWe LOVE to hear about your WOW Moment or special collaborations between WOW members. Everyone is encouraged to share their stories by filling out the WOW Story or WOW MOMENT form . There is a video there to help if you need it.

WOW Podcast ChannelInterviews with our WOW Podcasters are included in certain Tiers of Membership. These may be with one of our professional podcasters or with Juan Vides. All podcasts will be virtual on ZOOM and be edited by our team. The podcasts will be uploaded to our WOW YouTube channel as well as many other streaming services such as Apple Radio, Spotify, etc.

We hope that this Glossary of Terms will help you understand our current programs. If changes or additions are made, you will hear about them at meetings and will also be notified in the newsletter if necessary.