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Interview with Juan Vides and Lisa Rodino

Lisa Rodino is a Commercial Finance Specialist who helps small business owners and investors navigate the many financing options available to help them grow and prosper.  In her early career, Lisa was a Radiation Therapist who provided clinical radiation treatments to cancer patients.  As such, she enjoyed easing tensions and helping people get through very stressful times.  This served her well when she decided to return to the workforce and begin assisting men and women with finding the right financial solutions for their businesses.

As a Commercial and Small Business lending expert, Lisa is well known for getting to know her customers and learning what their needs are.  She is that one person who really takes the time to explore all the options that are available to her clients.

range of solutions for:

• Affordable, Unsecured Lines of credit

• Equipment financing

• Startup Funding

• Unsecured Loans

• AR Finance

• PO Loans

• Commercial Real Estate

• Investor Lending

Expert in providing help with funding investment for real estate, including but not limited to investment properties, multi-family, commercial owner-occupied & unique real estate.

Lisa is a member of the American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (AACFB), the premier trade association empowering independent commercial finance professionals and their funding source partners.