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WOW! Jan Guarino creates WOW Logo

Speaker 3

some of the logos that she designed just to give you a history. I’m sorry to put this out there Jan, but you got to give it the artists credit. She has designed a lot of well known, you know, Logos so I had the pleasure. Thank you so much Jen for doing this. This is phenomenal. Jan,

Speaker 2

I’m so glad it worked out. Yeah, it was just it was a love fest that started with you one and then a double love fest with Robin and working with her and literally this happened in under a week. Right Robin we spoke and we talked about it and we weren’t you know, and then I present I you know, I get visions and sort of intuitively start working based on our conversations and and from the knowledge of that I have from designing logos for 45 years. Yes, 45 years. I was at one point I coined phrase might I did so many logos and what Juan was showing us a fraction of them. I was known as the logo goddess

Speaker 1

Wow, that’s what I have to say about that story. It’s just wow, that’s pretty awesome. Tell us, when you were seven, what did you want to be when you wanted to grow up?

Speaker 2

so yes, it’s amazing and you know working it’s been one of the most amazing things that has happened in Wow. Yeah as stories

and one other story