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Paul Poblete

Founder & CEO

Apollo 3D Inc.

Paul is the founder of Apollo 3D Inc., which operates two divisions, a digital design and research practice involved in all aspects of 3D design, ranging from rendered architectural 3D Models to construction animations to reverse engineering consumer goods for prototyping & manufacturing.

The second division is APOLLO 3D SCANNING, performing 3D virtual tours and Scan-to-CAD services for general contractors, real estate professionals, architects, & engineering firms.

Prior to Apollo 3D, Paul worked in the Architecture field since 2018. Since then, has held positions as Project manager & Jr. Architect. Paul graduated from NYIT with honors and received the Aly S. Dadras Academic Excellence Architecture Award with a BSc. of Architecture.

In addition to Paul’s work experience, he was offered an NYIT Student Honor’s Architecture Teacher’s Assistant position in 2019.

Prior to architecture, Paul worked at the family business as a Property & Leasing Manager and licensed Real Estate Agent for over 8 years.

Ultimately, Paul’s passion for his 3D profession stands on its own creating new connections along the way. Paul resides in Long Island, NY, along with his wife & daughter. Paul’s hobbies include camping, scuba diving and bike riding around Long Island.