Winning On Wednesday

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Lisa Strahs-Lorenc


Born and raised on Long Island, I left for a couple of years, and then returned for family and friends. I quickly learned to transfer my skills to a number of industries, including non-profit organizations, software development, personnel and education. I decided on pursuing a Master’s Degree with a specialization in Career Counseling because of my own career challenges of not finding a job in my chosen field. I used my Career Counseling skills to start my own business and also work in higher education. I was determined to help others find their connections and passions for their own careers. I worked as a Career Counselor for Suffolk County Community College, Sanford-Brown Institute and in continuing education programs of school districts. Working for 5 non-profits, the business and education worlds, and self-employment has challenged me to develop new skills, talents and direction. Additional positions have inspired me to create online lessons and video series that educates and promotes the region’s local business and industry. I have created many events, both in-person and virtually. I have also used marketing and public relations skills to promote and brand companies and organizations. I am most proud of my positive, enthusiastic and energetic outlook on life that I use to movitate and inspire others. We should all, “Do what we love, and we will love what we do.” I love making a difference in the lives of people of all ages, and in my local community.