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Elliott Portman

Commercial Debt Collection Attorney

I have traditionally devoted the majority of my practice to creditor’s rights and judgment enforcement. My goal is to try to maintain an excellent reputation in the field, striving for the highest standards of professionalism and for expeditious results. In the past, I have lectured for the Suffolk County (NY) Academy of Law on the subject of the collection of overdue accounts, judgment enforcement and law practice management. In addition, I have spoken before local civic groups with regard to civil litigation, creditor/debtor relations and before Long Island high school students regarding the dangers of credit card abuse. I am a member of the Suffolk County Bar Association and have served as Chair of the Creditor’s Rights Law Committee four times. I currently sit as Board Member and Vice-President of The New York State Creditors’ Bar Association, a bar association of creditors’ counsel. My focus: Debt collection, commercial litigation and judgment enforcement