Winning On Wednesday

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Amy Geffen

As a Business Advisor for the Small Business Development Center at Farmingdale College, I’m always on the lookout for resources to help my clients with their business.  One of the reasons I keep coming back to WOW is the depth and breadth of the knowledge of the participants on the meeting.  The people in WOW are very open in sharing that knowledge  and I love that about this group.  One of my clients actually turned me on to WOW and since it’s virtual and I work remotely, it’s the perfect way for me to network.  It’s a good mix of new people and regulars so I always meet new people, but like seeing familiar faces too!  

In one of the breakout rooms during a recent WOW meeting, I had mentioned that one of my clients is a college financial coach for divorced parents.Amy Geffen, Career Coach and owner of Geffen Careers was in my breakout room and she mentioned that my client should look into getting her business listed on, an online resource for people who are divorced.

At that same meeting I mentioned that one of my clients has a new business doing financial literacy programs for school age children and again Amy Geffen, said that my client should look into the Council for Economic Education. Amy Geffen is one of those people that has a lot of knowledge and a heart to help others and that is a winning combination in my book!  Thank you, Amy!