Winning On Wednesday

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WOW works!

In 2021, I created a membership called the Money Miracles Membership. I recorded over 7 hours worth of videos with 6 stages to move people from wherever they are right now towards financial freedom as quickly as possible.

It is designed for people who want to get out of debt but are spending more than they earn. It is also helpful for entrepreneurs who are not yet earning significant income and those who wish they knew more about stocks and real estate investing.

It also helps those who want to improve their credit score or are afraid of quitting their job to do what you love. Some members have joined because they want to get guidance on when to splurge and when to save. Others because they just want to change their money mindset.

In 2022, I realized that members would benefit from having other guest experts add their content as well. I asked Nikki Gangemi, a woman I met at WOW to help while I was on a 1-1 call with her. She was so excited about what I was doing that she agreed to record an abundance self-hypnosis (she’s an amazing hypnotist, author, and coach) on the spot.

Nikki was the first WOW member to add content to my membership. A win-win-win since WOW members get access to my Money Miracles Members, members get awesome content, and my membership becomes more valuable.

Next, I was on a 1-1 call with Howie Mann, the CEO of Commercial Capital. He provides entrepreneurs with access to the capital in their business. I told Howie that many of my members were entrepreneurs that probably had no idea how to do what he does. So, he jumped at the chance to get interviewed by me. He was the 2nd WOW member to add content.

Since then, I have added 6 other WOW members as guest experts to my Money Miracles Membership and a woman who a WOW member introduced me to: Melissa Van Oss. Melissa didn’t just add a 10-15 minute video like the others, but added three!!

Paul Pompeo, a WOW member, amazing networker, and expert in telecommunications systems, introduced me to Melissa, who is a best-selling author and mindset coach. She added 3 awesome videos that were 15 minutes each as bonus content to the Money Miracles Membership.

The other WOW members that have added their guest expert content are Patti Scallan, a healthcare expert; Darryl Habermann, a digital media expert; Tunde Adobayo, a real estate expert and lawyer; Rick Gabrielly, a best-selling author who added content on “joy and connections;” and Yaa Astar, a stress management expert.

All these collaborations happened because I took the initiative to do a meaningful 1-1 follow-up call with these people I had on a Wednesday and they were generous with their time and expertise. Thank you to all of them and to WOW!

Yes, WOW works!