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Video Highlight of Robert Lane former CEO of the Commodore 64

Start with him because one of his question of the weeks is going to be what was your first computer? And I like to introduce my friend Robert Lane, who is the former CEO of the Commodore 64, which was one of my favorite computers. And, Sarah, how you doing? If you could unmute your mic, I could just say hello, real quick, Robert. Yeah, you got I’m sorry. You gotta muted again. Sorry. I tried to help you out. That was my fault. So try to do it again. Do that better. Yeah, that’s better. Yeah. Well, welcome to everybody. I’m Bob lane. I have been in the technology world for many years, started in telecom, and then decided to be an entrepreneur back in the early 80s. And brought the Commodore 64 to the marketplace. We took it worldwide. Yes, we went public, I cashed out. And then I had my journey with Steve Jobs through next computer and California. Then some time at 10 different computers when we did the fault tolerant computers for the banks. And then I’ve just been having fun ever since that time, we’ve done the carbon monoxide detector and now we act as business advisors to many startup companies throughout the world. Well, thank them in Canada, and having fun. Thank you so much, Robert. It’s a pleasure to have you here. It’s an honor. Thank you and big fan. Thank you so much.

Robert Lane

Business Advisor