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Sandi Polinsky

Sandi  M. Polinsky

Broker/Owner Goldilocks Real Estate
Member LI BOR Administrative  Review Board
MBWE Certified

Meet Sandi Polinsky, Broker and Owner of Goldilocks Real Estate, a proud woman-owned company committed to making your real estate dreams come true. Since she started her cozy firm on a sunny July 4th in 2016, Sandi’s been all about making her clients happy.
A Visionary Entrepreneur: Starting out on her own, Sandi now leads a team of ten awesome agents, all on board with her mission of top-notch service. Goldilocks Real Estate has become the go-to spot for folks looking for a real estate experience that’s just right.
The Heart of Goldilocks: The name Goldilocks isn’t just cute—it’s about finding the right match for you, just like in the fairy tale. Sandi’s firm is all about customizing your experience, whether you’re buying or selling. No one-size-fits-all approach here!
No Boundaries: Sandi’s team doesn’t play by zip code rules. They’re ready to help you find your dream home or sell your property wherever you are in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan. Plus, they treat every client with respect and honesty, no matter the budget.
Listening is Key: At Goldilocks Real Estate, it’s not just about making deals—it’s about truly understanding what you want. Whether you’re looking for a neighborhood with great schools or a short commute, Sandi and her team are all ears. They get that a house isn’t just a building; it’s where memories are made.
Loads of Experience: With years of know-how under her belt, Sandi knows how to smooth out any bumps in the road when it comes to real estate. She’s even got certifications and serves on boards to make sure she’s always on top of her game.
Quality Counts: Sandi doesn’t believe in having a huge team just for the sake of it. She’s all about quality over quantity, handpicking agents who share her dedication to giving you the best service possible.
Going the Extra Mile: Sandi’s not just about selling houses—she’s got connections for everything you might need during your move. Whether it’s finding a mover, a painter, or even a good place to grab a bite, she’s got you covered.
Proud Moments: What really lights up Sandi’s day? Seeing her team grow and getting referrals from happy clients who’ve found their perfect fit with Goldilocks Real Estate. Helping people find their next adventure is what it’s all about.
With Sandi Polinsky leading the way, Goldilocks Real Estate is your ticket to a real estate journey that’s just right for you. So why settle for anything less?