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Juan Vides

TechAcs Corp.


TECHACS CORP. Website Design, Search Engine, Social Media, Online Reputation management.
From the shards of civil war, to living the American Dream, Juan Vides has had a memorable journey. Having fled El Salvador with his family at the age of four, he has made a life in Long Island, NY. His parents were great role models, instilling the value of hard work, and teaching crucial social skills. Juan’s natural charisma topped off this life education, leading him to success.

As a student, he became fascinated by the political system. He initiated the citizenship status which his parents achieved. After graduation, he worked at Trader Joe’s, became a manager, but his passion led him elsewhere. He studied computer programming and system information at Farmingdale State University, where he also revitalized the Computer Club. Thereafter, he worked on an MBA from Stony Brook University.

Juan’s career blossomed. He worked for Jeff Pulver, founder of Vonage. Notable acquaintances in the industry included Michael Powell and Mark Cuban. But an incident of theft sparked the creation of a website that stores valuable information, as a backup to such losses. TechACS builds numerous websites with contemporary features such as SEO and social media marketing, keeping it current, relevant and competitive. Juan grew his network into a formalized group of successful professionals, called Winning on Wednesdays (WOW).

Juan’s professional life includes diversified experiences such as participation in politics, serving on boards of NGOs, community organizations, for-profit institutions and other types of associations. He has been actively supporting the communities in his adopted homeland. Along the way, he established his own family: joyfully married to Lisa, they have a boy and a girl. He is the quintessential American who made his dreams come true.